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Our Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Service


Initial Check

Your wheels receive a lot of use on a day to day basis, and so it’s easy for them to pick up damage. We’ll check over your alloys to determine the extent of the damage before we start our alloy wheels refurbishment, getting a scope of the work required.


Surface Removal

When performing alloy wheels refurbishment, the first step is to remove the surface coating back to the bare metal underneath. This will strip the wheel back to its original state, removing surface damage to your alloy wheels in the process.


Kerb Damage Removal

Kerb damage is one of the most common types of damage to occur to your alloy wheels. As part of our alloy wheels refurbishment, we’ll use abrasive disks to remove the kerb damage, helping remove any scuffs and scrapes on your wheels.


Wheel Coating

The coating is an important aspect of your alloy wheel repair. A quality coating can prevent corrosion from occurring on your alloy wheels, keeping them in peak condition. We’ll make sure to colour match our paint to your alloy wheels for a uniform look.


Handcrafted Finish

To finish your alloy wheels, we’ll add quality lacquers to ensure they stay looking and performing their best for as long as possible. We use a handcrafted finish, leaving your wheels looking fantastic after our alloy wheels refurbishment.

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Alloy Wheels Refurbishment, Southampton & Hampshire

With around two decades of experience in car repairs, resprays and alloy wheels refurbishment, SprayIt Rob are experts with a wealth of industry knowledge. Using a combination of state of the art equipment and facilities and traditional hand finishes, we deliver the very best auto repairs, full body resprays and alloy wheel repair. We’re dedicated to providing a top shelf service for our customers.

When entrusting your vehicle with a car repair service, you’ll want some assurance that it’ll be kept safe and sound. The facilities at SprayIt Rob are truly secure, keeping your vehicle safe and protected while we undertake our work. Our repair workshop is fully insured and also protected with a modern alarm system and quality CCTV. Your car will be safe while we carry out alloy wheels refurbishment.

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Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Costs Southampton

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Southampton & Hampshire

Alloy wheels look absolutely stunning and can be a defining feature of a car. But they add several practical benefits to your vehicle too. Reducing the weight, alloy wheels can improve your car's handling and make for a smoother ride. So, alloy wheels refurbishment can have a big impact on your vehicle.

It's very easy for alloy wheels to pick up scuffs and scrapes and even more significant damage over time. But this doesn’t have to be a permanent eyesore. With our alloy wheels refurbishment, we’ll be able to fix any dents and scratches to get them back in top shape. Our alloy wheels repair will restore your car to its former glory in no time at all.

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Alloy Wheels Refurbishment

If your alloy wheels have taken a few knocks and aren’t looking their best, it might be time for some alloy wheels refurbishment. Knocking kerbs can cause damage that has a big impact on the look of your alloys, but more importantly, this can affect the performance of the car. Our alloy wheels repairs will have your wheels back in peak shape and handling great for a smooth ride.


Alloy Wheel Cracks

Potholes can cause unexpected and annoying damage to your alloy wheels. If you go over a large pothole, it can send a massive shockwave through your car, cracking the alloys of your vehicle. But you don’t have to worry. Our alloy wheels refurbishments will be able to get rid of these cracks, repairing the structure of your alloys. With quality alloy wheel repairs, you’ll be left completely satisfied.


Alloy Finishes

Even if your alloy wheels don’t have any specific damage, you might be wanting to change the colour for something more to your taste. With a massive range of paints to choose from, you'll be able to pick a stand out shade or more subtle tone depending on which you prefer. A handcrafted finish will complete the alloy wheels refurbishment and make them stunning once again.


Body Repair


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