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Finding out the extent of your vehicle damage, we’ll perform a complete inspection, assess the damage, and determine what accident repairs are needed.


Strip & Prep

Before undertaking our accident repairs, we’ll prepare a smooth finish for your car. If needed, we’ll strip excess paint and repair dents and scratches.



If it’s required, we’ll order any parts we need to complete our accident repairs. All parts we use for car repairs are of the highest quality for a factory finish.


Paint Mix

Using quality equipment, including spectrometers, we’ll perfectly match our paint to your car’s finish for a consistent paintwork across your vehicle.



While using state of the art equipment, we use a finish by hand for the perfect look. After our accident repairs, your vehicle could look great once again.

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Accident Repairs, Southampton & Hampshire

Accidents are commonplace out on the road, from smaller dinks to more serious damage. They can cause a lot of hassle and result in the need for accident repairs. But don’t worry, SprayIt Rob’s car repair services could have your vehicle returned to excellent condition with an expert service that's fully compliant with insurance requirements when needed!

We offer a full range of car repair services from our body shop in Southampton that will have your car back on the road in no time at all. Perhaps it's as simple as dent removal or an alloy refurbishment. Even if you need more serious accident repairs, we’ll work hard to get your car in the best possible shape.

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Accident Repair Prices,

Southampton & Hampshire

If your vehicle is in need of accident repairs, SprayIt Rob has the services and skills that you need. Whether it’s as simple as dent removal or something more extensive, our skilled and expert staff can perform the car repairs that you need.

Contact us online, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss accident repairs. We’ll perform an evaluation of the damage in order to provide you with a car repair quote that suits your vehicle. With our bespoke services and pricing strategy, you’ll receive competitive pricing combined with a fast turnaround. Contact us online today for accident repair prices.

  • Scuff Repairs
  • Full Body Resprays
  • Dent Removal

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Small Accident Repairs

If your vehicle has only been involved in a small accident, you might have been lucky enough to get away with just a few dents and scuffs. These annoying blemishes can be removed and repaired in no time at all by the expert team at SprayIt Rob. We’re experts in dent removal, able to get the bodywork of your car back in peak condition, getting rid of any scuffs and getting the paintwork smooth again.

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Full Resprays

Paintwork is susceptible to damage in the event of a car accident and can really affect the look of your vehicle. Thankfully, the team at SprayIt Rob have the facilities needed to carry out a full body respray. Even larger vehicles are no problem at all, with our high spray roof able to handle up to 2.5m tall and 7.5m long. With our accident repairs, your paintwork will give you pride once more.

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Full Restorations

Sometimes, more extensive car repairs are needed if there has been significant damage. We’ll assess the damage in order to find out how extensive the needed repairs are. Once we have this information, we can order the parts for a complete auto repair. All of the parts we use will be of the highest quality, fitting with a factory finish for the highest quality accident repairs.

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Body Repair


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